Boiled saury

Boiled saury
I found one in the supermarket on weekends The canned saury is called Pu-burned saury. It just so happens that there are two saury left at home, so it is very tempting to make it at home just by looking at the color.
Main ingredients
  • 2 saury
  • 2 dried peppers
  • appropriate amount of spring onion
  • appropriate amount of flour
  • Appropriate amount of old soy sauce
  • Appropriate amount of sugar
  • Appropriate amount of cooking wine

Step 1 of cooking saury1.Remove the internal organs and clean the saury

Step 2 of Roasted Saury2.Cut it from the middle of the stomach

Step 3 of the practice of burning saury3.Divide into three sections on average

Po-roasted saury Step 44.Spread the flour evenly

Step 5 of Braised Saury5.Fry in a pan until golden on both sides

Step 6 of Roasted Saury6.Pour a little oil into the pot, light soy sauce and dark soy candy

Step 7 of cooking saury7.Add saury

Step 8 of Roasted Saury8.Add pepper and green onion and pour a little water to collect The sauce can be

1 should put more soy sauce according to the amount of fish, it will be salty

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