Braised quail eggs with tremella

Braised quail eggs with tremella
Stewed quail eggs with tremella is not only a taste Excellent food is also a whitening meal. Beauty-loving MM can use it as a sweet soup to replenish energy in the afternoon. It not only whitens but also nourishes quail eggs, which are rich in protein B vitamins and vitamin AE and other enzymes that are beneficial to women's skin. Classes and active substances Lycium barbarum can nourish the liver and kidney. The vitamin A contained in it can promote the absorption of nutrients. Women's complexion is more moist and moving after eating...
Main ingredients
Main ingredients
  • 4 white fungus
  • 6 quail eggs
  • 6 red dates
  • Some wolfberry fruits
  • 2 large pieces of yellow rock sugar

Step 1 of Tremella Stewed Quail Eggs1.Prepare the ingredients

Step 2 of Tremella Stewed Quail Eggs2.Tremella in advance Foaming

Step 3 of Tremella Stewed Quail Egg 3.The quail eggs are boiled and peeled off for use

Braised quail with tremella Step 44.Wash the white fungus and put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of cold water, boil over high heat and simmer for 20 minutes

Step 5 of Tremella Stewed Quail Egg5.Add red dates and cook for 15 minutes

Step 6 of Tremella Stewed Quail Egg6.Add rock sugar and continue to cook for 10 minutes until saccharified

Step 7 of Tremella Stewed Quail Eggs7.Pour in the quail eggs and cook for 10 minutes

Step 8 of Tremella Stewed Quail Egg8.Add wolfberry Boil it

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