Corn Meal Scrub

Corn Meal Scrub
Chopsticks means rubbed noodles like tadpoles
Main ingredients
  • Corn flour 50g
  • Boiled water 50g
  • All-purpose flour 50g
  • Warm 18g
  • Scrambled eggs with tomatoes in moderation

Step 1 of rubbing cornmeal1.Fry a portion of tomatoes and eggs as a topping in advance

Step 2 of rubbing and shaking cornmeal2.Use 50 grams of cornmeal for 50 grams Add 50 grams of all-purpose flour after scalding the noodles in boiling water and let them cool down without burning your hands

Step 3 of rubbing cornmeal3.Add the right amount of water and I added 18 grams and made a soft dough

Step 4 of rubbing and shaking cornmeal4.I use an old-fashioned rubbing board instead of a special tool for rubbing and shaking.After the water in the pot is boiled, take an appropriate amount of dough and put it in the water Dip it into the anti-stick and wipe it.Press the dough down with the palm of your hand and rub the dough quickly and forcefully.If you are unskilled, be careful not to scratch the leftover residue on the surface of the hand wiping board.You can use the remaining dough to stick it together on the net.The tool specially sold for rubbing and shaking is relatively large, and the convex side is downward when used.

Step 5 of rubbing and shaking cornmeal5.Use chopsticks to slice the noodles that have not fallen into the pot on the back of the rubbing plate

Step 6 of rubbing and shaking cornmeal6.rubbing the noodles means rubbing off the noodles like small tadpoles.The noodles are flat and short, very well cooked After opening, you can fish out

The steps of rubbing and shaking cornmeal 77.We usually eat it with tomatoes, eggs or fried sauerkraut.

Step 8 of rubbing cornmeal8.Stir fry tomatoes and eggs with some soup and mix with cornmeal rubbing and shaking is delicious

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