Delicious milk jelly

Delicious milk jelly
Milk jelly is a kind of home-made dessert. Ingredients formula and method of milk jelly taste delicious, nutritious and smooth.
Main ingredients
  • Milk 200ml
  • Corn Starch 20g

Step 1 of delicious jelly1.Prepare according to the type and amount of ingredients

Step 2 of delicious milk jelly2.Pour out 100 ml of milk and add cornstarch to the opening of pure milk.

Step 3 of delicious milk jelly3.Stir and dissolve evenly

Step 4 of delicious milk jelly4.Prepare a milk pot Add pure pure milk

Step 5 of delicious milk jelly5.After boiling, pour in the mixed milk paste and cornstarch.

Step 6 of delicious custard jelly6.Slowly cook on low heat and keep stirring until it becomes thick as shown in the picture

Step 7 of delicious milk jelly7.Prepare a container and pour it out

Step 8 of delicious custard8.Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours, then take it out

Step 9 of delicious jelly9.Cut into small pieces and enjoy

The nutritional value of jelly is The higher ones are rich in protein, fat and trace elements, which are helpful for supplementing the body's calories and improving personal immunity

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