Fragrant Beer Duck

Fragrant Beer Duck
Ducks are cool to eat in summer. The protein content of the edible part of duck meat is about 16%-25%, which is much higher than that of livestock meat. The protein content of duck meat is mainly sarcoplasmic protein and myosin. The other part is interstitial protein, which contains Collagen and elastin soluble in water In addition, there is a small amount of gelatin, and the rest is non-protein nitrogen. The more nitrogen-containing extracts in meat, the more delicious the taste. There are more nitrogen-containing extracts in duck meat than animal meat, so duck meat is delicious, but the fishy smell of duck is still relatively It's not good to redo or not, so the details really need to be handled well. Beer duck is a unique flavored food with wine. It is stewed with duck meat and beer to make the nourishing duck meat more intense. Duck meat is not only delicious in the mouth There is also a fragrance of beer. When cooking beer duck, a variety of spices are added to enhance the fresh and spicy taste of the duck. This dish also has the effect of clearing heat, appetizer, water and dehumidification.
Main ingredients
  • Half a duck
  • A bottle of beer
  • Two star anise
  • 2 fragrant leaves
  • appropriate amount of old soy sauce
  • a small piece of ginger
  • an appropriate amount of vegetable oil
  • a small piece of cinnamon
  • Appropriate amount of oyster sauce
  • Appropriate amount of soy sauce

Step 1 of the fragrant beer duck1.Ask the hawker to chop half of the duck.I think it's better not to buy frozen duck legs.The taste is much worse

Step 2 of Fragrant Beer Duck2.Boil a pot of water Pour cooking wine

Step 3 of Fragrant Beer Duck3.Putting the duck in blanched water can effectively remove the fishy smell

Fragrant Beer DuckStep 44..Bring to a boil and boil the blood

Step 5 of Fragrant Beer Duck5.Remove the duck meat and clean it repeatedly

Step 6 of Fragrant Beer Duck6.Add a small amount of base oil to stir fry ginger slices

Step 7 of fragrant beer duck7.Put in the washed duck

Step 8 of Fragrant Beer Duck8.Stir fry until the duck meat shrinks slightly

Step 9 of Fragrant Beer Duck9.Pour the duck meat Pour a whole bottle of beer into the pressure cooker and don't add a drop of water on the principle that it can pass the duck.

Step 10 of Fragrant Beer Duck10..Add washed spices and cook in pressure cooker for 10 minutes.At this time, the duck is already soft and rotten

Step 11 of Fragrant Beer Duck11.Pour back into the wok and add dry chili soy sauce You can add a little chicken essence to make the oyster sauce seasoning, but I don't usually put it in my family, so I don't have it in the ingredients

Step 12 of Fragrant Beer Duck12.Stew the duck over medium heat until the duck meat is flavorful and the juice is ready

Step 13 of fragrant beer duck13..Finished product

The finished beer duck has eaten up the duck meat The soup can also be mixed with a large bowl of noodles or rice, which is particularly fragrant.The alcohol in the beer evaporates after being simmered for many times, leaving only a strong aroma of wheat that blends into the duck~~~

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