Homemade green tea powder

Homemade green tea powder
I saw everyone making snowskin mooncakes of different colors during this time, which looks really beautiful, especially the matcha powder The moon cakes made are so fresh and pleasing to the eye that I couldn’t resist and wanted to try matcha powder myself. I’ve never used it, so I didn’t buy it online, so I had to wait, so I decided to buy green tea and come back and make my own green tea. The powder so I went to the supermarket to buy a couple of green teas the next morning and came back because the amount required for coloring is not much and I started to make it myself. In fact, the method is really simple. Just break the tea leaves and sieve them out. It is tea powder and tastes good. Very fragrant and more important is health and confidence
Main ingredients
  • Green tea 50g

Step 1 of homemade green tea powder1.Green tea ready

Step 2 of homemade green tea powder2.Prepare a coarse point and A dense sieve

Step 3 of homemade green tea powder3.Pour green tea into a grinding jar

Homemade green tea powder practice step 44.Break the green tea as finely as possible

Step 5 of homemade green tea powder5.After crushing, pour it into a coarse mesh sieve for sieving

Step 6 of homemade green tea powder6.The green tea powder sieved out is a little coarse

Step 7 of homemade green tea powder7.Put it in a fine mesh sieve for sieving Due to the fine mesh, it is easy to be blocked in the process of sieving, and the powder should be stirred continuously with fingers.

Step 8 of homemade green tea powder8.The sieved green tea powder is very fine.

Step 9 of homemade green tea powder9.The coarse powder filtered out should not be wasted, and it is also very good to put it in a tea bag to make tea

Step 10 of homemade green tea powder10.Brewed tea The taste is still quite fragrant

Step 11 of homemade green tea powder11.The prepared green tea powder can be stored in an airtight jar.

The tea powder must be filtered with the densest sieve.The finely filtered coarse tea powder can be more Smash and sieve multiple times so that more powder is produced

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