Homemade rosé wine

Homemade rosé wine
Make some wine this season and wait until the New Year to drink it
Main ingredients
  • Appropriate amount of rosé grapes
  • Appropriate amount of rock sugar
  • Appropriate amount of high liquor

Step 1 of homemade rosé wine1.Soak the grapes with appropriate amount of flour and water

Homemade rose fragrance Wine Practice Step 22.Drain and dry the washed grapes

Step 3 of homemade rosé wine3.To prevent the grapes from storing water, use kitchen paper to dry them up again

Step 4 of homemade rosé wine4.Pick each grape

Step 5 of homemade rosé wine5.Prepare an appropriate amount of rock sugar

Step 6 of homemade rosé wine6.Spread a layer of rock sugar on the bottom of the clean bottle

Homemade rosesStep 77.Grab a handful of grapes and spread them on top of rock sugar

Step 8 of homemade rosé wine8.A layer of rock sugar and a layer of grapes are stacked in this way to 80% full

Step 9 of homemade rosé wine9.Finally, add a little high-quality white wine and apply a layer of high-quality white wine to the top of the bottle

Step 10 of homemade rosé wine10.Close the lid Waiting for fermentation

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