Milk Pineapple Cake

Milk Pineapple Cake
I bought a few pineapples and finally cooked them and cut one and ate the other four and kept them for later This is the first time I made pineapple cakes. I don't think they are as soft as the ones I bought, but my colleagues like to say that the fillings are more delicious than the ones I bought. The sweet and sour skin is more fragrant
Main ingredients
  • Four pineapples
  • Butter 110G
  • Low flour 140G
  • Maltose 50G
  • Milk powder 50G
  • One egg
  • 100G sugar

1.Prepare the required materials

2.Peel the pineapple and cut into small pieces

3.After washing, cut into small pieces and add 30G sugar to marinate for half an hour


4.Pour the marinated pineapple diced juice into a non-stick pan and cook

5.When the pineapple flesh softens, crush it with a shovel and add maltose to fry it evenly

6.Stir fry until the pineapple is dry and form a ball.Finally, I add some shredded coconut and take it out and let it cool.

7.Mix the softened butter and fine sugar to make the crust

8.Beat the butter with an electric egg beater until the butter turns white and expands.

9.Add the beaten egg liquid three times and mix evenly.Let the oil and water separate

10.The beaten butter and egg liquid is fluffy, fragrant and delicate

11.Add low-powder and milk powder

12.Use a scraper to remove Mix the ingredients into a ball and do not stir too much to avoid the flour becoming gluten and rest for 20 minutes

13.Divide the cooled pineapple filling and the relaxed dough into small portions

14.One cake Wrap the pineapple filling with the skin and put it into the pineapple cake mold and press it with the palm of your hand

15.Arrange the pineapple cake embryos in turn and place them on the baking tray

16.Put it in the oven at 180 degrees Bake the middle layer for about 15 minutes until the color is golden.

17.Take it out and cool it, then release it and seal it for 4 hours before eating it.The taste itself is not sour, so the amount of sugar and maltose added is not large.Specifically, you can add sugar according to the sweetness of the pineapple.When adding the egg liquid, you need to divide the eggs and put them at room temperature in advance.After adding the powder, you need to cut and mix.Be careful not to let the dough stick out and affect the crispness of the finished product

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