Pickled peppers in jars

Pickled peppers in jars
A friend who is working out of town...want to eat peppers...and then didn't have time to buy it at the vegetable market ...teach you a simple method.....it seems
main ingredient
  • the right amount of red pepper
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of ginger
  • Appropriate amount of garlic
  • Appropriate amount of boiling water

Step 1 of pickled peppers in a jar1.Prepare red peppers

Step 2 of pickled peppers in a jar2.Boil the water and let it cool naturally

Step 3 of pickled peppers in jars3.It is very important to prepare jars and jars

Step 4 of pickled peppers in a jar4.It is important to prepare salt, garlic, and ginger.

Step 5 of pickled peppers in a jar5.Dry the peppers without moisture and pack them in water Put salt, ginger and garlic in the jar and take it out in a few days.

Super simple pickling method...I don't have any peppers to eat in other places...I can only keep the peppers like this...Whenever cooking, take it out....

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