Purple Potato Stewed Rice

Purple Potato Stewed Rice
The leftover from making purple potato steamed dumplings the day before yesterday Purple potato is usually steamed and eaten like this. Today, if you want to change the pattern, let’s make a stewed rice.
Main ingredients
  • A cup of rice
  • purple A potato
  • Appropriate amount of water

Practice Step 1 of Purple Potato Braised Rice1.Prepare the ingredients:a measuring cup of rice and a purple potato for two servings One man and one woman

Step 2 of purple potato stewed rice2.Wash the purple potato diced rice twice

Step 33.Pour the purple potato and rice into the rice cooker and add an appropriate amount of water (the amount of water is controlled, put your index finger into the water and cover the first section of the index finger)

Practice Step 4 of Purple Potato Braised Rice4.Just simmer for five minutes

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