Rose nectar steamed buns

Rose nectar steamed buns
main ingredients
  • Appropriate amount of flour
  • Appropriate amount of rose nectar
  • A few red dates
  • Appropriate amount of black sesame
  • li>

Rose nectar steamed bread Step 11.Prepare the flour.I bought the wheat self-raising flour directly with warm water and stir the noodles with chopsticks.

Step 2 of rose nectar steamed buns2.Add an appropriate amount of rose nectar, which I bought and sent from Yunnan.I wanted to make it myself and try it later.Knead by hand until soft and hard

Step 3 of rose nectar steamed buns3.After kneading it is like this, it must be kneaded properly

Step 4 of rose nectar steamed buns4.I usually leave it overnight to ferment and the next day is just right for breakfast

Step 5 of rose nectar steamed buns 5.Put it in a steamer and steam it with cold water, bring it to boil, and then steam for fifteen minutes.You can also adjust it yourself.You can put some sesame seeds, raisins, and red dates.It's up to you.

Step 6 of rose nectar steamed buns6.This is the first time I made it, it may be a bit sweet with more honeyp>

Step 7 of rose nectar steamed buns7.This is the first step The second time my husband kneaded the dough for me to ferment.It is sweet and sweet and tastes super good.

Step 8 of rose nectar steamed buns8.Inside is a wire drawing certificate issued in place

Step 9 of rose nectar steamed buns9.The steamed red dates are also delicious.

1 The time for steaming the steamed buns is actually not rigid.It is stipulated that sometimes I will take ten minutes and sometimes fifteen.Anyway, let’s see for yourself.This can only be based on experience.Later, I will use the sweet-scented osmanthus candy that I made, and the taste will definitely be posted later

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