shredded cold cabbage

shredded cold cabbage

shredded coleslaw Step 11.Prepare ingredients, cabbage salad dressing, salt, chili sauce and other ingredients

Step 2 of the shredded cabbage salad2.Wash the cabbage, remove the leaves and cut into shreds

Step 3 of the shredded cabbage salad3.Boil the water and add the shredded cabbage

Step 4 of the shredded cabbage salad4.Add some salt and cook the shredded cabbage PS A little salt can make cabbage delicious and maintain a good color

Step 5 of shredded cabbage salad5.Remove the cooked shredded cabbage from cold water

Step 6 of shredded coleslaw6.Drain the water, pour in the salad dressing and chili sauce and mix well PS If you like it light, you don't need to add salt

Step 7 of shredded cabbage salad7.Pour in the sauce and mix well.

1.The cabbage needs to be picked off one by one to be clean.2.The ice water can keep the cabbage crispy.

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