Spicy Potatoes

Spicy Potatoes
Main ingredients
  • 2 400g potatoes
  • 20g celery
  • 2 millet peppers
  • 1 garlic sprout
  • 5 grams of pork ribs sauce
  • 5 grams of rice wine
  • 3 grams of Pixian watercress
  • braised sauce 2 gram
  • 2 grams of chili noodles
  • 2 grams of pepper powder
  • 15 grams of spicy sauce
  • 5 grams of fresh hot sauce
  • 5 grams of hoisin sauce
  • 5 grams of Laoganma tempeh
  • 3 grams of red oil
  • 2 grams of cumin powder
  • 2 grams of chicken powder
  • 2 grams of pepper noodles
  • 2 grams of thirteen spice

Step 1 of spicy dry pot potatoes1.Prepare seasonings

Step 2 of Spicy Griddled Potatoes2.Wash the ingredients, slice the potatoes and dice the celery Chopped garlic sprouts, millet peppers and cut rings

Spicy dry pot potatoes Step 33.Heat oil in the pot and turn to low heat, add spare ribs sauce, spicy sauce, seafood sauce p>

Step 4 of Spicy Dry Pot Potatoes4.Small Stir fry for a few minutes to make spicy dry pot sauce

Spicy dry Pot PotatoesStep 55.Boil potato chips in a pot of boiling water

Step 6 of6.Soak them in warm water when they are seven mature.

Step 7 of hot and spicy dry pot potatoes7.Put the oil in the pot and heat it to 70% heat, then fry the potato slices until soft but not rotten, take out and control the oil

Step 8 of spicy dry pot potatoes8.Put oil in the pot Cook 10 grams to 20% heat, then stir-fry the garlic sprouts, celery, millet peppers over a low heat and stir-fry the potato sauce and cumin.

Step 9 of spicy dry pot potatoes9.Add a small amount of water

Step 10 of Spicy Dry Pot Potatoes10.Pour in the potatoes and keep the fire low

Step 11 of spicy dry pot potatoes11.Stir fry the potatoes for two minutes and serve.

1 Stir-fried spicy dry pot sauce must be on low heat.Various seasonings can be adjusted according to your needs.2 Finally, when frying potatoes with potato sauce, the fire should not be too high

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