Winter melon in early autumn, healthy, nourishing and cooling pot

Winter melon in early autumn, healthy, nourishing and cooling pot
This year's lucky winter melon finally has a good harvest The weather is so dry now, let's make a refreshing soup first. Turn out the old bottom of the refrigerator and locker and add the winter melon with the belt pouch to make a pot of refreshing soup. It's good.
Master Ingredients
  • Winter melon about 800 grams
  • Barley about 50 grams
  • Abalone about 50 grams
  • White lotus about 40 grams
  • About 40 grams of lentils
  • About 40 grams of Huaishan
  • About 30 grams of Yuzhu

Early autumn health care Step 11.Cut the wax gourd into pieces with the skin and the skin to prepare the cooling and cooling ingredients

The practice step 2 of the winter melon in the early autumn health and cooling pot2.Wash the cooling and cooling ingredients into the pot and put about 1/3 of the water

Practice Step 3 of Winter Melon in Early Autumn Health Replenishing Cool Pot3.Because The material is very dry and easy to store, so it needs to be boiled for a long time and set for 40 minutes.1/ZUo81raUX1_108462.jpg"alt="Step 4 of how to make winter gourd in early autumn health-preserving Qingbuliang pot"/>4.Cook until the ingredients for refreshing and nourishing are ripe and blooming

Step 5 of the winter melon in the early autumn healthy and nourishing pot5.Put the winter melon pieces into the pot and cook with the lid open for about 20 minutes Until the winter melon becomes transparent and transparent, the soup is successful.You can add a little salt to taste, but not too salty.

Do not put the seasoning in the soup and wait until it is ready.The right amount of salt and sugar for seasoning, remember that it is not too salty or too sweet and light.It is best to leave the seasonings alone.Otherwise, the medicinal effect is two.After the seeds are boiled, they will spit out the seeds

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